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Dents, Dings, Creases etc can be repaired using highly skilled PDR techniques to return your car to its undamaged condition. Paintless Dent Removal retains your original finish and removes the need for costly body shop methods of filling and repainting. Car Park Door Dents, Hail Damage, Trolley Dings, whatever the cause will depreciate your cars value, look unsightly and there’s nothing worse for a beloved owner.
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BMW Mini - Medium size dent to the Near Side Rear Wing
Mitsubishi Shogun - Multiple Dents to the Off Side Front Wing
'Our customers that have used us are hugely appreciative of the money saved thinking the only way to repair their car was with expensive body shops'
  • Fast – Most repairs completed in under 1hour
  • Highly Effective – Dents are removed without a trace
  • Mobile Service – Convenient repairs at your location or our workshop
  • Retains Original Paint Finish – No Filler, Colour matching, or Over-spray Maximises vehicle’s value and appearance Quality Guaranteed Repairs
'Steve is an absolute artist at his work, I thought the only way to remove my dent was at a Car Body shop which I was quoted £375 plus VAT. PDR came out to my house and charged me £75 including VAT and now I enjoy driving my car again'
P.Hartridge - Cowes IoW
'I knocked my husbands gleaming gloss black Mercedes AMG with a shopping trolly which made a tiny dent but really stood out in the black paint. I couldn't bring myself to tell him. I found PDR's website and Steve came round the next day and within 20 minutes the dent had completely vanished. Amazing. . . My husband is still non the wiser'
K.Chiverton - Wootton
PDR Paintless Dent Repairs questions and Answers

Q: How Long does the process take?
A: All Depends on the size, location and type of dent but usually under an hour.

Q: Will my dent be gone 100%?
A: Any dents suitable for PDR will be restored to pre accident condition so it is like the damage never happened!

Q: Will the Dent come back?
A: No, the methods used ensure the dent once repaired will stay repaired. The only way the dent will return is by denting the panel again.

Q: Can all dents be repaired?
A: Unfortunately, No. There are many factors affecting a repair so is best to send us a picture using our contact form so we can let you know if a repair is possible. Paintless Dent Removal is very effective for the following situations, Small to Larger Dents / Dings Car park Door Dings, Trolley dents are our most common repairs but the list is endless The paint must not be damaged, chipped or cracked as we do not carry out any paint repairs.

Q: I am selling my car, should I consider dent removal before the sale?
A: Definitely, Car garages have been using dent removal for years to ensure the value of the car reaches its full potential. Often covering the cost of the repair several times over. Think about this, Would you buy a dented can from a supermarket? You’d probably reach for the one next to it. Well if you would do that for something not even costing a pound??? With it so easy to access thousands of vehicles for sale nowadays, make sure yours is in the best sale condition.


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